Astronomical Image Capture and Realtime Preprocessing
Copyright © 2009-2015 - Torsten Edelmann


Camera support for: ZWO ASI, Basler, TIS, Point Grey, IDS, Allied Vision, NET FOculus, QHYCCD
Various 8/16Bit data formats (AVI, SER, BMP, FIT, TIF)
Motorized filter wheel support (ASCOM, Homeyer, CFW8, CFW10, DFM, TrueTech)
Telescope autoguiding interface (ASCOM, Cookbook CCD, ST4, Shoestring GBUSB)
Motorized ASCOM focuser support
Automated filter sequences and individual camera settings
Color camera support (real-time debayering, standalone debayer tool)
SessionBrowser for historized session details
Calculation of ephemerides, effective focal-length and resolution
PreProcessing, NightMode, Histogram, AutoAlign, Crop, AutoRun...

System Requirements
Camera Interface Required SDK Some models used so far
1394 GigE  USB

Basler Vision
Yes Yes
Pylon SDK 4.0.1
acA640, acA1300, scA640, scA1440, scA1300_32fm

Point Gray Yes Yes Yes FlyCapture SDK (32-bit) Firefly MV, Flea, Flea2, Flea3, Dragonfly2, Chameleon, Grashopper Express...

The Imaging Source
Yes Yes Yes
DMK21, DMK31, DMK41, DBK21,
DMK21AU618, DMK23G618,
Skyris 618, Skyris 445


Yes Yes IDS uEye v4.30 UI124xSE-NIR

Allied Vision Yes Yes
AVT Universal Package v2.1 Guppy Pro F-031, GE-680C, 
Manta G-125B


FOControl v4.0.5.1 FO442SB



ASI120, ASI035, ASI174

WebCam *

Toucam, SPC900, iCam-Tracer... 
 * limited support (some controls not working) 

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Thanks to

Dr. Michael Schröder (extensive testing)
Anthony Wesley (extensive support and testing)
Clif Ashcraft (testing the debayer tool)
Chris Garry (extended AVI mode)
Heiko Wilkens (allowing usage of SER format)
Felipe Largo (spanish translation of help pages)
Maciej Libert (for lending me a DMK)
...and all the unnamed testers helping with comments and feedback


Because of additional costs I have 
every now and then when exceeding my bandwidth limit I decided
to ask for donations. So if you find this program useful you're welcome to donate a small amount of your choice.


I'm very interested in improving this program. Your suggestions, questions or feedback are always welcome.
For bugs & error reports please attach the log.txt  from the FireCapture root-directory.
Feel free to contact me at:

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